Thursday, September 2, 2010

Bin 604 and Pizzazz

Molly got a bike... FINALLY! First stop is Bin 604 in Inner Harbor East for a wine tasting because I'm trying to find wines for my wine collection. Which is currently one bottle. I already tried (and failed obviously) to put together a nice wine collection, but one night I was thinking, you know, if I die tomorrow, I will have wasted my life NOT drinking this good wine. I digress.

Bin 604 ( is a nice little wine shop next to Whole Foods. They have wine tastings and the sommolier(?) was very knowledgable. He also would have made a great hypnotist. All he'd have to do is record himself reading his wine notes and sell it as a relaxation CD. I'd be asleep listening to that by the time he rated the 2005 Cab from Sonoma (or really really thirsty and frustrated). They offer little nibbles of cheese and crackers, but that may have been for our benefit. It's good to be the king...

We bought a bottle to drink there because you know, it's more economical that way. Went from there to Pizzazz ( next to the Aquarium. It's where the Asian Bistro used to be; the restaurant attached to the Pier Six Hotel. They have an entire Vegan menu, but we say "ha!" to that and ordered corona and meat! The food was good, but the seafood rizotto was "fishy" mmmmmhmmmm. I enjoyed my pesto pizza, but it was nothing special. Bathroom was nice and it has a magic mirror that makes you look super skinny. Nice touch after inhaling an entire pizza.

We ended the night at Langerman's for a nightcap. Yet another successful bandida ride, though I totally forgot to buy a bottle of wine for my collection, natch.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


We all know that you can have drinks while watching movies at Landmark Theater in Inner Harbor East (, but did you know that NOW you can buy a bottle of wine and take the whole darn thing in with you!? Arriba!

Monday, November 30, 2009

Bandida Birthday!

We celebrated Molly's 29th (wink, wink) at Adela, a new tapas place in Fells Point, on Saturday night. We went to the matinee of Mamma Mia! at the Hippodrome beforehand and what fun! I'm going to create my own rock musical using only Rick Springield songs. but I digress...

Adela ( has a cozy atmosphere. Among other things, we shared the croquetas (no ham), a mix of Spanish cheeses, and dates with some sort of bleu cheese. They're REAL Spanish tapas. Some places try to "Americanize" tapas with overpowering sauces, etc., but everything we tried was plain, simple and delicious.

The wait staff was very helpful and friendly, including Executive Chef, Rashad Edwards. He came by our table and explained some of the dishes and checked to make sure we were enjoying ourselves. Can't say I blame him (we looked hot). He also sent us some chocolate (thick hot chocolate in an espresso "mug") and some churros for dessert with his compliments. Sugar for Sugar!

Molly can report on the bathroom. I wouldn't remember it if I'd used it anyway! Needless to say we didn't ride our bikes in our dresses, but we sure do miss riding. For now, we'll have to cab it.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Summer 2009

The Bandidas got off to a REALLY late start this summer due to other "projects" we had going this summer. Our first outing was on Sept. 2 to Peter's Inn ( at the corner of Eastern & Ann Streets in Fells Point. It looks like a dumpy hispanic grocery store from the outside, but don't let that fool you. The menu rivals any of the fancy pants restaurants in Baltimore and the waiters are just as bored with you. I had to tell my "the last mosquito that bit me had to check into the Betty Ford Clinic" joke just to get our waiter to crack a smile.

The food changes weekly based on the chef's whims and what's in season, so we were handed a piece of xeroxed paper with a handwritten menu. We ordered the garlic bread (which they are apparently known for) and the clams with chorizo and fingerling potatoes as an appetizer, both excellent. We made a new Bandida Rule that no one can order the same thing, so I had the seared rare tuna, tuna and beet tartare and the seaweed salad, Carol had the poached lobster over spinach with corn custard, Marchelle had the 7 oz filet with veggies and mashed potatoes and Molly had the shrimp and cheddar cheese grits. Each plate was a piece of artwork and the food was delicious, save the dessert (chocolate pots du creme) which was more like jello instant pudding that had been sitting out too long so the skin formed over top.

Now Peter's Inn isn't the type of place you go stuff your face. The food is expensive ($14-$25 per entree) and the portions are miniscule. But the meal was different and satisfying, and let's face it America, its the amount you're SUPPOSED to eat for dinner... Some excitement while eating al fresco at Peter's Inn: we sat next to one of the girls from Ace of Cakes (the redhead that's also in the Baltimore Roller Derby club?) and about six of Baltimore's finest pulled over one of the Bad Boyz Bail Bonds trucks right in front of us. No pens were handed out...

Bathroom report: There was only one bathroom for the men and one for the ladies, but considering Peter's Inn only has about five tables, it works. Ladies room was clean and stocked with everything you might need to spruce up (mouthwash, lotion, deodorant, tampons). We like that!

We told the waiter we were heading to Bad Decisions, a bar around the corner, to check out their extensive drink menu. He advised against it because it had no atmosphere, but Bandida Rule number two is that we never deviate from our set list, so off we went.

Bad Decisions ( definitely lacks atmosphere, but the bartender/owner let us bring our bikes inside and allowed Molly behind the bar to make her infamous "Molly-ocktail." Gotta love B'more! The drink menu is basically an old notebook with recipies penciled in by the "mixologist." The owner prides himself on his concoctions so there is a limited beer menu. No one tried the bathroom - do I dare speculate that it wouldn't be up to par?

Until next ride... Hya!!!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Friday, November 14, 2008

Potluck Dinner and Movie

Just a quiet night for the Bandidas...Potluck Dinner and a "Girly Movie". Wednesday night, Kathryn and Molly (minus Carol...who is currently soaking up the rays in Sunny Florida) got together for a casual evening of food, fun and girly movie heaven. Kathryn brought the appetizer, movie and dessert and I made the entree...which like usual could have fed the entire block. (I really need to learn how to cut recipes in half). Anyway, at 7:30 sharp Kathryn arrived and our evening began. Delicious homemade hummus with Pita Bread followed by chicken in a white wine mushroom sauce. It's funny, we had no idea what the other was making but it went together perfectly....the Bandidas are always on the same page!

We finished our dinner, cleaned up, popped in the movie, grabbed the yummy homemade cookies and kicked back for an evening of relaxation.

The cookies were fantastic but the movie a bit less impressive. I think the idea behind the movie was good...a single father trying to explain a complicated relationship to his young daughter. He and his wife had split and their daughter didn't understand. He told her that she couldn't fully understand unless she knew the whole story. It was a fun storyline consisting of him telling the story of his past relationships and how they brought him to where is today. There were 3 main characters whos names were changed to create a little mystery for us and a game for his daughter. The task for the daughter was to figure out which one was her mother. Pretty cute right?

Ok, let's face it...we all know that we were really trying to figure out who he would end up with. Unfortunately, that little secret was given away in the first 30 minutes. Hello...the name of the movie was "Definitely Maybe" and one of the characters said it right off the bat!!! Not tremendously deep but good enough for a straight forward "Girly Movie". I will say that both of us were wrong when trying to guess who the mother was so I'll give them props for that. (o:

All in all a fun filled relaxing evening topped off with great food and conversation.

Stay tuned for the next event with the Bicycle Bandidas....

Friday, October 31, 2008